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Orentation to Dentistry/ Dental Team


Dental History and Dental Team

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2.The term____ generally means that the dentist is held responsible for the illegal acts comitted by himself or herself and all other members of the dental staff.
3.Failure to perform an act that a "reasonable and prudent professioanl" would perform
5.Doctor of Dental Surgery
7.The largest organization in Canada, that will certify level I assistants ,provincially certified
9.The specialty concerned with the restoration and replacement of missing teeth.
10.A/An _____ may legally perform only the mechanical, technically skilled tasks specified by the written permission of the dentist.
13.The law, as it is applied to the practice of dentistry, is referred to as:
14.This person can be described as "an extra pair of hands"
16.Which of the following specialites is concerned with diseases and injuries of the pulp
18.The specialty is concerned with the nature of diseases affecting the oral structres and adjacent regions
19.Malpractice is professional:
20.Within a province, the practice of dentistry is supervised and regulated by the:
22.This person is responsible for the operation of the business area
23.The specialty concerned with promoting dental health through organized community efforts.
24.The standard of moral principle and practice to which a profession adheres is known as a:
25.Is latin for "Let the master answer"
26.In each province, the _____ contains the legal restrictions and controls on the dentist, dental auxiliaries, and the practice of dentistry
27.An agreement between two provinces to allow an individual licensed in one province to practice in another province.
1.The organization that issues and enforces regulations pertaining to employee safety in the workplace.
2.This person is trained to scale and polish the teeth and is licensed by the state in which he or she is employed.
4.The specialty that deals with the surgical treatment of diseases, injuries, and defects of the oral structure.
6.The principle of "reasonable skill, care, and judgement" applies to:
8.Performance of an act that a "reasonable and prudent professional: would not perform.
11.the founder of modern dentistry
12.The specialty concerned with diseases of the supporting and surrounding tissues of the teeth
15.Is the dental specalty that deals with the growth and development of the oral structure.
17.deals with moral conduct, duty, and judegement. It is concerned with standards for judging whether actions are right or wrong.
21.Under the concept of ______, statements spontaneously made by anyone at the time of an alleged negligent act are admissible as evidence and may be damaging to the interests of the dentist.

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