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Metabolism and energy

Ms. Rodgers

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1.In glycolysis, glucose is broken down into two ___________ molecules
5.Number of ATP molecules consumed in glycolysis
9.Location where pyruvate oxidation takes place (2 Words)
10.the process of breaking down larger molecules while releasing energy
13.An endergonic reaction that is driven by ATP hydrolysis (produces more energy than it consumes) (2 Words)
15.This chemical must be available for pyruvate oxidation to take place
16.The reduced form of NAD+
17.Chemical reaction that requires energy
2.Compounds that pick up electrons to donate to low-energy molecules (2 Words)
3.Formation of ATP when a phosphate group is transferred to an ADP molecule
4.Location where glycolysis occurs
6.the process of using energy to produce larger molecules
7.The carbon cleaved from pyruvate is converted to _____________ (2 Words)
8.When a molecule accepts an electron, it has been ____________
11.Number of ATP molecules produced in glycolysis
12.In pyruvate oxidation, pyruvate is converted to _________
14.Chemical reaction that releases energy

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