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Day of Inclusion

David Carlson/Debora Rhone

Diversity and Inclusion must be a part of our daily operations in the Bureau of Prisons. Each staff member comes to the workplace with his or her own experiences, viewpoints and backgrounds. We must accept each other’s individuality and uniqueness. Our success in advancing the mission of the Bureau of Prisons depends on our ability to be inclusive of everyone and embrace the diversity of our agency.

Charles E. Samuels, Jr., Director

  2 3
4               5

4.To show regard or consideration for
6.The opposite of yes
8.Accepted as a member of a group
9.The promotion of multiple co-existing cultures
11.Acknowledging something as valid or deserving of consideration
1.Being rare or uncommon
2.Ensuring people feel socially accepted, welcome, and equal
3.Feeling fully absorbed, enthusiastic, and invested at work
5.Having an innate human right to be valued and receive ethical treatment
7.To meaningfully connect a person within a group
10.Having usefulness or importance

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