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Minecraft 2

Isaac Benge

You have to know a lot about the game!

  2 3   4        
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  17                               18
  23       24                          
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          31 32
      34 35                    
38           39          

3.Required for mining
5.Upcoming block that gives no fall damage (2 Words)
9.Flat and dry biome, horses span naturally
10.Crafted from paper and leather
11.Ore for primary colored dye (2 Words)
13.The contents are shared across anywhere (2 Words)
17.Structures protected by guardians (2 Words)
19.Organism found only in fortresses from hell (2 Words)
20.Achievement for catching and cooking fish (2 Words)
22.Feathery mob killed by fire will drop _____ (2 Words)
23.A block, allows text input
24.Reaching higher but placing blocks beneath you (2 Words)
27.Reduces projectile damage, enchant your armor (2 Words)
28.Explosive block
29.An upcoming update shard
30.Flat biome, but with flowers (2 Words)
33.Used to determine rocket effects and shape (2 Words)
35.The difficult enemy's projectile self projection (2 Words)
36.Kill a ghast with it's own fireball, get this achievement (3 Words)
37.Minecraft is this type of construction game
38.Deep crack in the earth
39.Takes a half heart in the desert
1.Carved with a face
2.Earthen block found near large lava bodies (2 Words)
4.Popular mode of play with no survival
5.Hold shift
6.Laid every 5-10 minutes, put into food items
7.Injury to your player
8.Block of light
12.Fed a bone, now your friend (2 Words)
14.Natural corridors, crossings, and staircases (3 Words)
15.Pop-up menu, what you carry
16.Tamed bones, only obtained through commands (2 Words)
18.Found in pits, and village pathways
20.Solar panel that will emit a redstone signal in light (2 Words)
21.The most essential block (2 Words)
25.A half block
26.Entity placed on rail
31.Allows collection of blocks that are normally unobtainable (2 Words)
32.Jungle mob
34.The darkest dye comes from this (2 Words)

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