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Donald Trump

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    6             7

3.The term "Human Resources" is often considered out of date. It has been replaced by the term _______________ (two words, no space, no hyphen)
5.A _________________ period is usually a few months long. A new employee may not receive his/her benefits during this time.
6.A firm may be a group of lawyers who are in business together, or it may refer to any __________________>
8.The people whom you supervise and evaluate are called your ______________________. (Two words, no spaces, no hyphen)
9.____________ and Tourism is a growing industry in every country.
1.The C-Level Managers are the top managers of the company. They used to be called the _________________. (Two words, no spaces, no hyphen)
2.This city is the center of the high technology and pharmaceutical industry in a large Asian country.
4.An evaluation that an employee gets every year is called an _________________________ (two words, no spaces, no hyphen)
7.This kind of business only trades with businesses or other customers from the same country as the one in which they are located.

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