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Environmental Health & Safety (this one is doable)



1 2 3
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4.Class D, Poisonous subsantance. May cause irritation. Repeated expsoure may cause cancer, birth defects, or other permanent damage.
5.Occupational Health & Safety Act acronym
7.The number of waterborne bacteria is kept below 500 colony-formining units (CFU) per mililiter.
8.to breathe in
9.Class D, May cause disease or serious illness. Drastic exposures may result in death.
11.Class A
15.Potentially infectious body fluids of patients
17.Class E
19.Deals with the adaptation of the work environement to the body.
21.Class B
23.Waste that has a poisonous affect.
24.The individual responsible for complying with the Workplace Hazardous Material Information System?
25.Waste capable of transmitting an inectious disease
26.Repetive and forceful motions can lead to?
1.Designed to protect the employee from chemical fumes & splashes
2.Center for Disease Control acronym
3.Class D, Poisonous substance. A single exposure may be fatal or cause serious or permanent damage to health
5.Class C
6.Workplace Hazardous Material Information System acronym
9.Dental Unit Water Lines
10.Waste that poses a risk to humans or to environment
12.Class F
13.Infectious waste that requires special handling, neutralization, and disposal
14.Describes bacteria that are floating in water
16.Slime producing bacteria
18.Material Safety Data Sheet
19.Environmental Protection Agencyacrynm
20.High levels of exposure over a short period
22.Personal Protection Equipment

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