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My Singing Monsters

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1.Single-element water monster with three eyes, big lips and pink crystals on its back. It sings to attract companion. (4)
5.Monster which sings 'doo' or 'doo-wah' (3,6)
6.Adjective used to describe something in or about water. (7)
7.Rock-like deposit found underwater, often red or pink in colour. (5)
9.Hollow tube plants which grow in or underwater and form the flute-like spines on one Singing Monster's back (5)
2.Amphibious hybrid of plant and water. This monster resembles a tree. (8)
3.Vast body of salt water, under which WATER ISLAND is located (5)
4.Nebulob, Jellbilly and Oaktopus have these instead of arms. (9)
8.Underwater ridge of rocks, sand or coral debris near the surface of the water. (4)

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