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Combining Forms and Root Words

OFTECH 124 Margaret M. Pruszka

1 2 3     4  
5           6 7   8    
  9       10                
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3.Latin word meaning clear spring water.
5.A portion of the small intestine.
7.The noun which means clear, sticky secretion.
9.Combination of a root and combining vowel.
11.Five vowels.
12.A synonym for quarter.
14.Back muscle.
16.The meaning of the root word gynec.
17.The foundation of the word that provides its meaning.
18.The root word meaning joint.
19.Tip or summit.
20.The meaning of the combining form abd/o.
1.Bone in the pelvis.
2.The study of diseases of the nervous system.
4.The beginning of some words.
6.Suffix that means the study of.
8.Vowel that joins a root to another root or to a suffix.
10.The meaning of the combining form enter/o.
13.Open or exposed.
15.The ending of some words.

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