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Group Display AO2 Crossword

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3.Marsh suggests group displays of aggression are part of an alternative ... structure for working class males
6.When Podaliri and Balestri (1998) studied ‘xenophobia on the terraces’, the cultural identity of which people was strengthened, because the differences between the groups was stressed?
7.Religions requiring the greatest displays of ... (e.g. painful rituals) produce the most committed members, and last the longest
9.The real world application of research into xenophobia and violence has motivated ... clubs to minimise its influence, through slogans such as 'mein freund ist Auslander'
10.Without looking in your booklets or the textbooks, work out how many evolutionary explanations of aggression you've learnt about (that's explanations of infidelity and jealousy, homicide, rape AND group display)
11.Evans & Rowe (2002) studied racism in national and club football through post-match reports and ...
1.Clark (2006) found evidence to contradict the claim that the threat of ‘dangerous classes’ in society was a major causal factor in lynchings. Which country did he study to come to this conclusion?
2.The finding that groups in which cooperation thrived were also those who flourished suggests that when the majority group is more at risk of social change, self-interest gives way to ‘groupishness’. Which explanation of group display would this apply to?
3.In Cost-Signalling theory, the word 'cost' is sometimes substituted for this word
4.The number of costly requirements in a religious group is ... correlated with the lifespan of the group
5.Sosis (2000) suggests that if intra-group solidarity is promoted by aggressive religious rituals, then its disadvantage is ... conflict
8.The Power-Threat Hypothesis suffers from an issue with defining ... threat

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