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July Pub Quiz Questions

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  11 12                        
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3.On June 24, 2014, what actor, famous for his role as Tuco in ‘The Good, The Bad, & the Ugly’, passed away at the age of 98?
7.In 1964, Mothra, Rodan, and Godzilla teamed up to defeat which three-headed monster?
9.What King of Germany and Holy Roman Emperor was named for his red beard?
10.In which TV series did Roger Moore rise to fame, playing Simon Templar?
12.The island of Rapa Nui is better known by what name?
13.What country is home to roughly 50% of the world’s lepers?
14.In 2012, Iceland briefly considered abandoning its national currency, the Icelandic krona, and adopting the national currency of what other country?
15.Hattie McDaniel was the first black woman to win an Academy Award. Who was the second black woman to win one?
16.Who is the only heavyweight boxing champion to retire undefeated?
17.In December, 2014, construction will begin on a new canal that will connect the Caribbean Sea with the Pacific Ocean through which country?
18.What surf-rock band included brothers Brian, Carl, and Dennis Wilson?
19.What country produces nearly 90% of the world’s cinnamon?
20.What brand of beer loosely translates to ‘morning sun’?
21.What car company’s name means roll in Latin?
23.Who succeeded Augustus as Emperor of Rome in 14CE?
24.What watch manufacturer was originally called Wilsdorf & Davis?
25.The Davis Strait runs between which two countries?
1.In the Old English epic, Beowulf, who is the king of the Danes?
2.What 1965 film’s cast included Charlton Heston, Sidney Poitier, Telly Savalas, Martin Landau, Dorothy McGuire, Claude Rains, Angela Lansbury, Donald Pleasance, and John Wayne?
4.Vilnius is the capital and largest city of which country?
5.How many people are in Da Vinci’s painting, The Last Supper?
6.For which book did Ayatollah Khomeini issue a fatwa against Salmon Rushdie?
8.Hibernia is the Classical Latin name for which island?
11.In Chinese chess, xiangqi, how many pieces does each player begin with?
22.What country will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup?

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