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Power and Politics

Santhosh Teegala @ rk business school

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3.write 'noitilaoc' in reverse.
5.Right to influence other person.
6.The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others.
7.Short form of Machiavellians.
11.a process of enhancing feelings of self-efficacy among organizational members
12.The refusal to accept or comply with something.
13.______ club manager is convinced that by merely taking care of people's needs, workwil somehow get done.
14.__________ power is based on a person's ability to reward a follower for compliance.
1.A conscious effort to muster and use force to overcome opposition.
2._______ power comes from influence within a company and is effective in getting employees to perform.
4._________ power that comes from an employee's assumption that he or she should obey his or her manager.
6._______ power that comes with formal, defined authority.
8._________ power that uses ultimatums and discipline to achieve results.
9.________ power is a manager's ability to make people want to be like them.
10._____ power that comes from a manager's superior knowledge and experience.

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