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1       2 3
  4 5 6        
7       8   9 10           11
  13                           14              
19 20 21           22
23                         24      
25                       26       27      
30               31     32            
34       35                    
  37               38                
  39             40 41
47 48            

1.How you help people in need
6.I love this and you'll never understand why
7.You always want me to flex while I show this to you
10.I owned him for years and gave him to you because you loved him so much
13.I'm stuck here for three weeks
14.Fun performances you taught me to love
15.Neil Patrick Harris reverse-heckled you at this event
16.My Valentine's Day gift to you
17.What I will propose to you with
23.We both agree his music is epic
25.Where you grew up
27.You keep telling me it's really bad, but I don't care
28.Something from Arkansas that you got me into
30.You're going to teach me how this works so I can enjoy it with you
32.I'm really bad at this (but you did see me manage it once)
34.First thing we'll do when we see each other in August
35.Food I never ate before I met you
37.Your friend who offered to help me out in New York City
38.We kicked his ass and saved two cities in the process
39.I can't stop stroking yours
43.I was so absentminded when we left the supermarket that I got into the...
44.I love sleeping beside you, but this makes it hard
45.Cookies that I love when we bake
48.Why do I text you each morning?
49.Main character of a series you got me hooked on
50.I love yours no matter what color they are today
2.Where we went on our first date
3.You have three on your bed
4.Way too big on me
5.Roommate we always make fun of
7.The username I originally knew you as on OkCupid
8.You love this and I'll never understand why
9.I often watch you play this on your phone and make suggestions
10.My current company
11.A beautiful city we both love
12.Something we're struggling with but will find a way to get through
18.I still say Poison Fang is better, but you think I'm wrong
19.A source of tension for us both lately
20.What I am
21.Event you were at last week
22.Before you got your own, we shared mine
24.I persuaded your roommates to get you this, but I ended up eating most of it
26.Word I text you when I'm really horny
29.I often call you this when we're done texting for the evening
31.I laughed all the way through it and so did my dad
33.Last night you said you wanted to punch me here
36.I have none, and you will help me
40.What you told me I should never ever EVER do (but you do beautifully)
41.A fluffy little guy who likes you more than he likes me
42.You gave him to me on graduation day
46.What you miss more than anything
47.The first Pokemon you ever got

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