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Perfusion Crossword

1 2         3
4             5                  
10 11    
    12 13                        
15   16                    
19 20                      

2.This valve's normal area is 2.6 cm2 – 3.5 cm2
4.Type of heparin we use (think animal)
5.Actin and myosin are located in _____
7.Resistance of flow through a cylindrical tube is proportional to viscosity (µ) and the length of the tube. It is also inversely proportional to radius to the fourth degree (2 Words)
8.Released by vagus nerves reduces force of cardiac contractions
9.Difference between the systolic and diastolic pressures is called the ______ (2 Words)
13.Formation of red blood cells
14.Internal carotids and the basilar artery are interconnected by an anastomosis called the ____ (3 Words)
15.____ volume -Max filling after atrial systole (usually about 130 ml) (2 Words)
17.Used in Cardiac Surgery to prevent the IMA from spasming
18.Platelet count above 450,000
19.Heart rate x stroke volume = ______ (2 Words)
21.Blood vessels that play the most important role in the regulation of blood flow to a tissue and blood pressure
1.Oxygen deprivation and inadequate removal of metabolic waste products hypokinesis: Weak or poor contraction of ventricular wall
3.DBP – LVEDP (3 Words)
6.During this mechanical cardiac phase the majority of the oxygen is consumed
10.Portion of the intrinsic conduction system located in the interventricular septum (3 Words)
11.First successful total extracorporeal procedure was performed by ____ (2 Words)
12.____myocardial infarction - affects the full thickness of one segment of the myocardium
16.In 1966, ____ designed a hard-shell bubble oxygenator with omnithermic heat exchanger in a disposable, polycarbonate unit
20.Is made at a rate of 36 moles per mole of glucose in presence of oxygen

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