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Interference of waves


12                                                 13                          
    14     15                  

4.a sound resulting form a string that vibrates with more than one frequency
7.when a source of sound approaches an observer ,the observed frequency of the sound increases;when the source moves away form an observer,the observed frequency of the sound decreases
8.a reduction in the amplitude of a wave as a result of energy absorption or destructive interference
9.periodic change in sound intensity caused by the interference between two nearly identical sound waves
10.the process of forming a wave with a smaller amplitude when twoor more waves combine
12.the lowest frequency that can produce a standing wave in a given medium
15.the condition in which the frequency of a wave equals the resonant frequency of the wave's medium
16.a reflection that occurs ata media boundary where one end of the medium is unable to vibrate;reflections are inverted.
17.in a standing wave,the location where the particles of the medium are at rest
18.the frequency at which a medium vibrates most easily
19.whole-number multiples of the fundamental frequency
1.the process of forming a wave with a larger amplitude when two or more waves combine
2.the process of generating a new wave when two or more waves meet
3.at any point the amplitude of two interfering waves is the sum of the amplitudes of the individual waves
5.an interference pattern produced when incoming and reflected waves interfere with each other;the effect is a wave pattern that appears to be atationary
6.the location where two or more media meet
9.the frequency of beats produced by the interference of two waves with slightly different frequencies;equal to the difference in the frequencies of the interfering waves
11.the motion of a wave through a medium,or motion of a wave from one medium to another medium
13.a reflection that occurs at a media boundary where the second medium is less dense than the first medium;reflections have an amplitude with the same orientation as the original wave
14.in a standing wave,the location where the particles of the medium are moving with greatest speed;the amplitude will be twice the amplitude of the original wave

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