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Hobbies, Sport and Games

Bc. Lorraine Vítámvásová

Destination B2 Unit 4

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2.someone who take part in a competition (n)
5.if two teams or opponents both have the same score, so that neither wins (v)
7.in football and some other team sports, a period of rest between the tow halves of a match (n) (two words)
9.sports such a s running, throwing and jumping (n)
10.the last part of a performance with the most exciting music and dancing (n)
11.the last game, race, itc in a competition, that decide who wins the whole competition (n)
12.a long thin bar or stick made of metal, plastic or wood (n)
14.someone whose job is to make sure that players in a game obey the rules (n)
17.someone who watches a public activity or event (n)
20.to get a point in a game or sport (v)
21.an area where a race or sport takes place (n)
24.sports in general (n)
26.a flat area of ground that is used for playing sports on (n)
28.someone who watches television programmes (n)
30.a wooden object used for hitting the ball in games such as baseball, cricket and table tennis (n)
31.a peice of ground that is used for unning or racing (n)
1.playing a sort or taking part in an activity as a job rather that for enjoyment (adj)
3.to be as good as someone or something else (v)
4.a short break between the parts of something such as a play or concert (n)
6.done for pleasure instead of as a job (adj)
8.the way in which a story, film or play ends (n)
13.someone who is competing against you (n)
14.a raised area that is surrounded by ropes where people take part in boxing or wrestling (n)
15.the time when a situation or an event stops (n)
16.an activity that you take part in for fun, usually one that has rules (n)
18.an area marked with lines where some sports are played, icluding tennis and basketball (n)
19.an object used for hitting the ball in games such as tennis (n)
22.someone whose job is to make sure that players in a game obey the rules in some sports, for example tennis, baseball and cricket (n)
23.a long thin peice of wood that is used for hitting or carrying soemthing in a sport (n)
25.a large flat area where people go to skate (n)
26.a piece of writing that is intended to be performed by actors in a theatre or on televistion or the radio (n)
27.to defeat someone in a game, competition, election or battle (v)
29.to defeat everyone else by being the best, or by finishing first in a competition (v)

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