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Science and Technology

Bc. Lorraine Vítámvásová

Destination B2 Unit 6

1 2 3 4
5                   6
8 9          
      10   11              
12                 13      
  16                   17        
18           19               20
22   23     24   25    
26         27   28      

5.to discover a number or amount by using mathematics (v)
7.not natural or eal, but made by people (adj)
11.real and able to be seen, touched or felt (adj)
12.to find something that was hidden or that no one knoew about before (v)
14.using electricity and extremely small electrical parts, such a microchips (adj)
16.to happen (phr) (two words)
17.made to look like something real (adj)
18.the part of a machine or vehicle that make it work (n)
19.the detailed study of something in order o discover new facts (n)
21.recentrly made, invented or developed (adj)
22.using or relating to electricity (adj)
27.something good tha happens or that you receive because of something that you have done (n)
29.to design or create something that did not exist before (v)
30.relating to or belonging to the present time (adj)
1.correct in every detail and without any mistakes (adj)
2.a piece of equipment with moving parts that does a particular job (n)
3.change, growth or improvement over a period of time. (n)
4.the process of developing or improving (n)
6.existing in anture, and not produced by people (adj)
8.all the businesses involved in producing a particular trype of goods or services (n)
9.to happen (v)
10.based on facts or on things that really happened (adj)
13.to guess or calculate an amount or value by using available information (v)
14.a scientific test to find out what happens to someone or something in particular conditions (n)
15.a way of doing something, especially a planned or established way (n)
17.a building where large quantities of goods are produced using machines (n)
20.a prize that is given to someone who has achieved somthing (n)
23.the part of a vehicle that make it move (n)
24.a fact, situation or intention that explains why something happened, why someone did something or why something is true (n)
25.an event, thing or person that makes something happen (n)
26.the thing that you hope to achieve by doing soemthing (n)
28.a method for doing something (n)

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