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People and Society

Bc. Lorraine Vítámvásová

destination B2 Unit 10

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3.to provice someone with the moeny, food, shelter or other things that they need in order to live (v)
6.the fact of being responsible for a bad or unpleasant situation (n)
7.behaving in a way that is usual for a particular person (adj)
13.normal or average, and not unusual or special (adj)
15.behaving in a way that shows you care about other people and want to help them (adj)
16.the people who watch or liste to a performance (n)
17.to make someone feel happy and satisfied (v)
18.the way in shich tow or more people or groups behave towards each other (n)
20.feeling excited and worried, or slightly aftaid (adj)
23.likely to become upset very easily (adj)
25.relating to a period of history a very long time ago (adj)
27.responsibility for an accident, problem or bad situation (n)
28.if something or someones name is know by a lot of people or they have heard about them or it (adj)
29.something that has existed or been used for a long time (adj)
30.to get pleasure from something (v)
31.reasonable and practical (adj)
1.to help someone or something (v)
2.several people or things that are together or that are related to each other in some way (n)
4.like by many people (adj)
5.the activity of being with other people (n)
8.made annoyed or angry very easily (adj)
9.typical of what happens in most situations, or of what people do in most situations. (adj)
10.willing to understand someone's problems and help them (adj)
11.well know for something bad (adj)
12.if people do not know about someone or something or do not know what something is (adj)
14.a relationship between things or people (n)
19.behaving towards other people in a pleasant way that follows all the usual rules of society (adj)
21.close to someone or something (adj)
22.pleasant, freidnly andeasy to like (adj)
24.related to you directly, for example by being you parent, child brother or sister (adj)
26.a large number of people in the same place (n)

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