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Food and Drink

Bc. Lorraine Vítámvásová

Destination B2 Unit 16

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1.someone who chooses not to eat anything made from animals or fish, including eggs, milk and cheese (n)
5.the top part of a cooker that you put pans on (n)
7.to cut something into flat peices (v)
8.the part of a cooker where food is cooked under great heat (n)
10.to cook something in boiling water, (v)
12.a sweet non-alcoholic drink with bubbles (n) (two words)
13.a large peice of equipment in a kitchen that you cook food in (n)
14.a large peice of kitchen equipment that you use for cooking food. It usually includes an oven and a hob (n)
16.to rub food against a grater in order to cut it into small peices (v)
17.to mix something such as eggs or cream using a whisk or fork (v)
19.a flat round dish that you put food on (n)
20.to cut something such as food or wood into peices (v)
21.to cook food such as bread and cakes in an oven (v)
22.a small round flat dish that you put a cup on (n)
24.food that has been prepared and cooked in a particular way (n)
26.to cook food in hot oil or fat, or to be cooked in this way (v)
2.to cook something by putting it close to great heat above or below it (v)
3.someone whose job is to cook food in a restaurant (n)
4.the main meal of the day, usually eaten in the evening (n)
6.a particular style of cooking (n)
7.a cold drink that does not contain any alcohol (n) (two words)
9.a meal that you buy in a restaurant and take home to eat (n)
11.a meal that you eat in the middle of the day (n)
15.a container that is used for boiling water (n)
18.to cook meat or vegetables in an oven (v)
20.someone who cooks food, either as their job or for pleasure (n)
21.a round container that you use for eating, serving or perparing food (n)
23.to combine two or more substances so that they become a single substance (v)
25.to move food or a liquid around using a spoon or other object (v)

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