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Education and Learning

Bc. Lorraine Vítámvásová

Destination B2 Unit 18

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3.an important test of your knowledge especially one that you take at school or university (n)
6.to calculate how many people or things there are in a group (v)
9.in the UK, a school for children between the ages of 11 and 18; in the US, a school for children between the ages of 14 and 18 (adj) (two words)
10.to find the exact size, amount, speed or rate of something (v)
11.positive features of a person's character (n)
14.an official document that proves that you have passed an examination or have successfully completed a course (n)
18.to know someone or something because you have seen, heard or met them before (v)
19.relating to the education of children between the ages of 11 and 16 or 18 (adj)
22.to look at and understand words in a letter, book, newspaper, etc (v)
24.a young person who goes to school or who has lessons in a particular subject (n)
26.someone who works in the same organisation or department as you (n)
28.someone who goes to a university, college or school (n)
29.a course of study at a university or the qualification that you get after completing the course (n)
30.to be familiar with someone or something, for example because you have met someone before or been to a place before (v)
31.to speak, or to have a conversation (v)
1.something such as a degree or a diploma that you get when you successfully finish a course of study (n)
2.to do work such as reading and homework (v)
4.to succeed in doing or having something (v)
5.a set of written or spoken questions that is used for finding out how much someone knows about a subject (n)
7.relating to the education of children between the ages of about five and eleven (adj)
8.to gain knowledge or experience of something, for example by being taught (v)
12.to perform an action (v)
13.physical or mantal energy needed to do something (n)
14.someone who is in your class at school (n)
15.something that you have to do, often something that is difficult or unpleasant (n)
16.the mark that a student gets in an examination (n)
17.in some schools in the UK, an older student who controls the activities of younger students and helps them to obey the rules (n)
20.to get to a particular point in time or to a particular stage in a process (v)
21.to be able to talk in a particular language (v)
23.to help students to learn something in a school, college or university by giving lessons (v)
24.to be successful in an examination or test, by achieving a satisfactory standard (v)
25.something that you learn or teach in a school, for example English, mathematics or biology (n)
27.a period of time in which students are taught about a subject in school (n)

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