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1 2 3    
    4 5        
6     7   8        
9                 10            
      11     12  
  14                   15
      18   19  
20         21                    
  22 23  
26 27           28
29         30                        
  32               33          

2.rounded end of the root
5.portion of the pulp in the root of the crown
7.tooth surface that is 96% mineralized
9.area that touches the adjacent tooth in the same arch
10.immovable arch
13.tooth socket
14.area there the root divides
16.toward the front
20.shallow, broad depression
21.another word for the primary dentition
25.toward the cheek
29."ugly duckling" stage
30.where the distal surface meets with the lingual surface
32.biting surface of anterior teeth
33.toward the lips
1.farthest from the midline
3.toward the back
4.dentition that begins with the shedding of the last primary tooth
5.portion of the pulp in the crown of the tooth
6.opening at the apex in which blood vessels and nerves enter
8.part of crown covered by enamel, remains constant
11.the interproximal space between teeth (triangular)
12.the mouth is divided into 4 of these
14.toward the face
15.narrow linear depression
17.large, rounded elevated area of enamel
18.the shape or form of the teeth
19.the junction where one surface begins and the other ends (2 Words)
22.this covers the dentin in the root of the tooth
23.chewing surface of posterior teeth
24.movable arch
26.large, linear elevation of enamel
27.tooth surface that is 70% mineralized
28.toward the midline
31.sharp, pointed depression generally located at the junction of developmental grooves

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