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2 3            
4               5 6
8       9           10
  13 14                
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3.Theory that proposes that we are motivated to seek an optimum level of stimulation
4.The internal subjective representation of emotions.
7.Motives that are known and freely admitted are called _____ motives.
9.Motives that emphasize development.
11.Body language is directly related to the ____ component of emotion.
14.​_____ motives deal with the need to reach satisfying feeling states and to obtain personal goals.
15.The number of muscles in the human face, devoted solely to the expression of emotion.
17.The explicit and personal manifestation of stirred up mental, biological physiological and/or psychological states.
18.Theorist who claimed that we act aggressively only if we learn that it pays to be aggressive
22.A requirement that is essential for survival of the organism.
23.The need at the top of Maslow’s pyramid.
24._____ is an individual's characteristic response tendencies across similar situations.
1.A protracted and sustained emotional attitude that colors a person's perception of the world.
2.Things that attract or lure people into action.
3.Brain area responsible for assessing threat.
5.Pattern of observable behaviours associated with emotions
6.Goal-directed and innate patterns of behavior
8.Autonomic arousal most directly relates to the ____ component of emotion.
10.Generally classified as a motive rather than an emotion
12.Need in Maslow's hierarchy that reflects a desire for love, friendship, affiliation, and group acceptance
13.Part of the brain that regulates the intake of water.
16.Energized motivational state
19.Theorist who claimed that we are born with a drive to be aggressive
20.Target of motivated behavior
21.Maslow's needs that reflects individuals' desires for status, superiority, self-respect, and prestige.

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