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Pearson Science 7 Astronomy

Mat O'Connor

A crossword for Pearson Science Year 7 Chapter 9 Section 9.1 and 9.2

Word Bank
stars, planets, moon, sun, space, dwarf planet, pluto, southern cross, weather, saturn, oxygen, mars

1 2 3 4
5         6  
7 8              

5.Was considered a planet but has been downgraded
8.The exact number of stars seen in the sky depend on the -------
9.Earth, The Moon and the Sun are all -------
11.Saturn is made of ------
12.Look into the night sky and you will see -----
1.Contains stars, the sun and planets
2.The planet that gives us warmth
3.Can only be seen in the Southern Hemisphere. Is also on the flags of Australia and New Zealand. (no spaces). (2 Words)
4.Pluto is now considered a ----- ------ (no spaces) (2 Words)
6.This planet has rings around it
7.The main star at night
10.A planet that is red

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