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1 2     3          
5                         6  
    7 8        
11               12          
    17 18    

2.Twitter paid $40 million for this social media dashboard in 2011
5.It acquired Luxembourg based KBL European private bankers SA for USD 1.69 billion
8.This large steel producer is now owned by Tata Group
9.A bank merged with ICICI bank Ltd in 2001
11.Apple acquired this mapping app in 2013
12.Bought YouTube for $1.7 billion in 2006
13.Daimler Benz merged with U.S. auto maker for $37 billion in 1998
15.Para-key was acquired by this social networking in 2007
16.Pixar merged with multinational mass media corporation in 2006
18.Formed by the merger of Carlton and Granada TV
19.Skype was acquired by this in 2011 for $8.5 billion
1.A reverse merger on May 2,1918 by Chevrolet Motor Car Company
3.A market extension merger made by RBC Centura
4.A Horizontal Merger made by Coca-Cola
6.It acquired Fuze Beverage in 2007
7.Broadcast.com a internet radio company was purchased by this in 1999
10.Acquired by Adidas in 2005 as part of a strategy to challenge Nike
14.Microsoft purchased world's largest vendor of mobile phones in 2013 for $7.17 billion
16.Google made its first purchase of a Usenet service in 2001
17.Reliance Communication merged its telecom tower with this infrastructure for $11 billion

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