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Minerals and Water

Jessica Tones

2 3 4  
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31                       32    
      34         35      
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            40               41
44               45            

5.May result from iodine deficiency
6.Can cause cardiac failure
8.Cretinism results from a pregnant mother's deficiency of this nutrient
9.Bone mass increases until about ___________ years of age
11.Bone mineral density 2.5 standard deviations below the mean
12.Magnesium is part of this molecule
13.Nutrient that increases aborption of iron and other minerals (2 Words)
15.This fluid includes intravascular fluid, interstitial fluid, lymphatic fluid, transcellular fluid
18.Nutrient found in both hard and smooth muscle in which excess can cause diarrhea.
19.When water is lost, this also must be replaced
21.Essential for immunity and wound healing
22.Most bioavailable form of calcium in supplement (2 Words)
23.Nutrient that may need to be restricted due to excess water accumulation
26.Where 1% of calcium is found in the body (2 Words)
29.Primary electrolyte in the intracellular fluid
31.Dehydratoin that leads to failure of temperature regulation (2 Words)
35.Source of phosphorus that can lead to bone demineralization if consumed in excess
38.2 compounds found in leafy and grains/legumes that decrease mineral absorption (with the word "and" in between; plural forms) (3 Words)
40.Primary electrolyte in the extracellular fluid
42.Do not contain carbon
43.Blood levels of phosphorus and potassium must be monitored in patients with this disease state (2 Words)
44.Nutrients that do not provide energy and become part of body structure
45.Medical emergency that occurs from low blood calcium
1.Most important nutrient that does not provide energy
2.Most absorbable form of dietary iron (2 Words)
3.Results due to loss of water and salt in sweat (2 Words)
4.The average need for fluid is 1 _______ per 1 calorie ingested
7.Essential for normal glucose metabolism
10.Minerals that help maintains fluid and acid-base balance
11.Preferred method of fluid replacement
14.Mineral found in the greatest quantity in the body
16.Regulates blood calcium (2 Words)
17.Low blood potassium
20.Majority of sodium in the American diet comes from ___________ ________. (2 Words)
23.Substance dissolved in a solution
24.Fruits and vegetables are the best source of this nutrient
25.Positive water balance may lead to ______________
27.Inborn error of metabolism that causes excessive absorption of iron
28.Mineral found in all body cells and a part of ADP and ATP
30.65% of all body fluid
31.Iron is essential to oxygen transport because it is part of this protein
32.Zinc deficiency in children may lead to delayed ___________ and sexual maturation
33.A mixture of a solvent and solute
34.Has a reciprocal relationship with vitamin E
36.Liquid part of a solution
37.Mineral primarly found in table salt
38.Electrolytes maintain fluid balance through this process
39.Prevents dental caries
41.Time of life when calcium needs are the greatest

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