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Introduction to the Periodic Table

Drew Davis

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1.Periodic table family that contains very unreactive elements such as helium and neon (2 words).
5.An electron in the outermost occupied energy level (2 words)
6.Atomic ______ is the distance from the nucleus to the outermost electrons.
8.An atom with unequal numbers of protons and electrons
9.A column in the periodic
11.Metals that react in water such as potassium or sodium.
12.______ energy is the amount of energy required to remove the outermost electron from the atom.
2.The strength of attraction between a nucleus and the outermost electrons.
3.A row in the periodic table
4.An atom which contains more electrons than protons.
7.Number of valence electrons in oxygen
10.An atom which contains more protons than electrons

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