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Basic Geography Review

Coach Key

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1.This climate zone varies greatly across the earth due to elevation, latitude,and continental location.
3.The U.S. is divided into many ______________ regions, each has its own state government.
5.Which layer of the Earth uses convection to circulate its material?
6.The climate zone just south of the Arctic Circle/Tundra.
8.The _________________ is the semi-rigid part of the middle mantle that flows like hot asphalt under a heavy weight.
9.Wind blown silt and clay sediment that produces very fertile soil.
11.When molten rock is chambered below the Earth's surface it is called...
12.The theory of how the Earth's plates have moved throughout Earth's history.
15.The baseline for all lines of latitude.
19.The way people of a certain place receive news, catch on to trends, and use social media are examples of this theme of geography
22.Northern Africa is covered mostly by which type of climate zone?
25.The main difference between the desert and semi-arid climate zones is that one of them receives more...
26.Shows various physical and political maps of different regions and continents.
28.Line of longitude opposite the Prime Meridian.
29.When molten rock is above the Earth's surface it is called...
30.Describing a place by explaining what is around it using ___________ location.
31.Land forms located around the pacific rim are also know as the __________________ due to volcanic activity.
32.Permafrost would most likely be found in this climate zone.
2.Pollution, agriculture, slash and burn farming are all examples of...
4.The solid rock portion of the Earth's surface, includes the crust and uppermost mantle. Where we live.
7.Weather trends over a long period of time.
10.The point under the Earth's surface where an earthquake originates.
13.The exact spot on the Earth's surface.
14.A climate region where four seasons occur, but the length of each season may differ due to latitude.
16.Most earthquakes are caused by the shifting of _______________ along _____________ lines.
17.I am supposed to keep my notebook in ________________ order in Coach Key's class.
18.A region characterized by peoples perceptions
20.This type of weathering reduces the size of an object.
21.A large wave caused by an underwater earthquake or tectonic shift.
23.When a rock on the Earth's surface is changed by altering its chemical makeup, it is known as _______________ weathering.
24.The type of map that would show the natural features across the Earth.
27.Peoples religion would fall under which of the 5 Themes of Geography?

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