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Chris Douglas

1 2 3
  4   5    
  9   10        
11         12         13
      14       15          
  17 18                      
            19 20  
      22   23      
  25                   26

5.addition result
7.mini division problem
8.the number of sides in a quadrilateral
10.the number of angles in a triangle
11.the set of natural numbers and their opposites
14.an equation where two ratios are equal
17.words associated with > symbol ( 2 words)
21.numbers that are left of zero on a number line
23.when terms match
24.the "plain" numbers in a problem
25.the number in front of a letter (means multiply)
1.multiplication result
2.how do you divide fractions? (trick)
3.division result
4.the most important number in Algebra
6.subtraction result
9.phrase associated with < symbol (2 words)
11.another term for opposite
12.any problem with a equal sign
13.per gallon, per week, per mile, etc (2 words)
15.can be invisible if in front of a variable
16.the bottom part of a fraction
18.flip the fraction
19.the letters used in an expression
20.number system based on place value
22.the algebraic way to say " put together"
26.how many sides does a circle have? (trick)

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