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Basic math terms

Donna Tomory

cross word puzzle for basic math terms

1       2             3   4          
  5 6           7
8 9                        
12                   13                
14                 15              
17   18                     19      
    21 22    
    25           26      
29                   30  

1.the bottom numer of a fraction
3.the result in a division problem
6.numbers that are added together to find a sum or total
9.any number that can be evenly divided by 2
10.all the parts of something taken together
12.a whole number that cannot be evenly dived by 2
13.to rename to lowest terms
14.to find an amont that is close to the actual answer
15.exends without end
17.a way to write numbers to show the value of each digit
23.a letter or symbol that represents one or more numbers
24.a number with a base and an exponent wher the base is mulitplied by itself the number of times of the eponent
25.the amount let over when one number cannot be evenly divided by another
28.how much a digit represents
29.equal in value
31.a numer representing part of something
33.the result in a multiplication problem
34.adjusting a number to make it easier to work with
2.a number that is made up of a whole number and a fraction
4.a number name that tells the order or place of something in a group or list
7.to find the solution
8.order of operations
11.the symbol that indicates a number is positive or negative
16.a way of expressing a number as a part of a whole
18.the value given to a digit depending on its place or location within a number
20.products of a given number and a whole number
21.the top number of a fraction
22.the middle number in a set of numbers that are arranged in order from the least to greatest
26.in a division problem, th number that you are dividing by.
27.a mathematical sentence that shows values that are equal
30.a number or letter that is multiplied by another number or letter to yeild a product
32.the answer to an addition problem

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