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The Woodwind Family Crossword Quiz!!

Mrs. Schatz's General Music Class

Please complete the crossword puzzle below.

1 2       3    
4     5
      6 7      
          11 12
15 16                    
19             20                  

2.The highest sounding instrument group
7.The ______ of a clarinet vibrates to produce its sound.
8.The lowest type of saxophone used at our school is known as a ________. (2 Words)
10.The largest and lowest sounding woodwind instrument...
13.This instrument is a woodwind instrument, but it is made of brass!!
14.When all of the woodwinds, brass, percussion, and string instruments perform together they make up an ____________.
16.The saxophone can be found performing in the orchestra, but would much rather be found playing with a _________. (2 Words)
18.The bassoon, oboe, and English horn are all ________ instruments. (2 Words)
19.A recorder choir is called a ________.
20.The reed of a clarinet or saxophone is placed on a __________.
21.This is the smallest double reed instrument, and very much resembles a clarinet!
1.The _______ is the oddball woodwind instrument that does not use a reed.
3.What instrument did Mrs. Schatz play when she was in high school?? (2 Words)
4.The ____________ plays marches and popular music outdoors for parades, halftime shows, and competitions. (2 Words)
5.The _______ recorder is the recorder used most in schools.
6.Instruments that were once made of wood and are played by using a lot of air are known as ___________. (2 Words)
8.This type of clarinet is bigger and sounds lower than the regular clarinet... (2 Words)
9.This double reed instrument is large and difficult to play for most people...
11.This woodwind instrument has open holes that you have to be able to cover with your fingers in order to play it....
12.The piece of metal that is used to hold a reed on an instrument is known as a _________.
13.What is the name of the smallest saxophone that we talked about in class??
15.The smallests and highest sounding woodwind instrument....
17.The double reed is made with two pieces of ____ that are tied together.

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