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Algebra language

T. Evans

the language or terms needed to master Algebra

1 2                                  
3   4  
  5       6
7                                         8
11           12         13            
            15 16                      
          17               18            
  21       22
  23                   24
27   28                  
31   32   33            

2.hen two or more expressions are equal to another one.
7.substraction, multiplication, divison and addition
10.a number multipied by itself
12.the number in front of the variable or is multipied by
16.all numbers rational or irrational
17.word for multiplication
18.standard or universal algebraic equations that are used to solve a mathematical problem
19.all positive numbers
20.the number of times a number is multipied
23.a polynomial with two terms
25.the number that stand alone
28.the unknown represented by a letter in an equation
29.the four parts of a coordinate plane
31.greastest common factor
33.when a number is raised tothe second power
34.least common multiple
1.a pair of numbers used to graph a point on coordinate sysytem
2.the numbers, or letters to represent a value.
3.a polynomial with three terms
4.braces, brackets, ( )
5.all counting numbers including zero
6.the number that multiply by itself according to the exponent
8.a number multipied by itself three times
9.variables that have the same letter
11.the factors are itself and one
13.the number in an ordered pair that crosses the y-axis or x-axis
14.having more than three monomials in an expression
15.any constant, variable or numbers multipied but are separated by a mathematical symbol
21.a number, a latter or product of a monomial and variable
22.word for division
24.positive and negative numbers and zero
26.a measure of a line that is slanted
27.the numbers multiplied to get product
30.when a number is raised to the third power
32.a method for finding a product of two binomials

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