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Colour Intro Review

How about Hue?

2   3
4     5  
6       7                
8       9           10
  11       12           13  
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6.A colour with white added
7.Groups of colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel.
8.This term is for a mix of a primary and a secondary colour
11.The degree of purity or intensity of a hue
14.The number of primary colours
16.The number of pure hues in Itten's colour wheel
17.This punctuation clues you in to a tertiary colour name
19.Less intense hue, with white or black could be this
20.One of the secondary colours, which is also cool
21.Dark colours have this type of value
22.This cool colour is calming.
1.Opposite colours on the colour wheel.
2.One of the secondary colours, which is warm in temperature
3.The lightness or darkness of a colour.
4.This is created by using different colour values in a design
5.Very light colours have this type of value
8.The number of secondary colours
9.the quality of a pure hue, right out of the tube
10.A colour with both black and white added.
12.This hot colour increases heart rate, appetite
13.A colour with black added
15.The primary colour with the highest value
18.A mix of blue and red

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