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ES 02 Minerals

G. Oakley

Earth Science terms associated with minerals.

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1.the scale of mineral hardness from 1 to 10
6.the 'look of glass' mineral luster
9.any of the elements/compounds that make up Earth
11.molten rock that pours out onto Earth's surface from below
13.mineral group containing metals combined with oxygen (ex: hematite, corundum)
14.minor mineral property, its when a mineral glows colorfully under ultraviolet light
16.minerals can form by ___ of molten rock
18.along with heat, this can cause formation of minerals (ex: diamond) deep inside Earth
20.mineral group of compounds formed from metal and group 17 element (ex: rock salt, fluorite)
21.describes a hot water solution from which minerals can form when it cools
22.mineral that is a '10' on Mohs scale
28.describes the way light reflects from a mineral's surface (metallic or nonmetallic)
29.characteristic of minerals: nonliving/without carbon
30.the #2 element in Earth's crust by mass/weight
32.characteristic of minerals: has a specific ___
33.some minerals 'fizz' when a drop of ___ is placed on them
34.mineral group that forms the majority of metal ores, a metal + sulfur (ex: pyrite, galena)
35.molten rock below Earth's surface
36.mineral group containing the SO4 structure (ex: anhydrite, barite)
37.simplest unit cell (has all sides same length and 90 degree angles
2.resistance of a mineral to being scratched
3.mineral group composed of pure elements (___ elements)
4.unit cell that can look like a 'saltine cracker' box (end square, but long on one side)
5.tendency of a mineral to break into irregular pieces
7.characteristic of minerals: has definite shape/volume
8.mineral that is a '1' on Mohs scale
10.six-sided unit cell of crystals
12.formation of minerals from once-dissolved substances when water evaporates
15.property of minerals that is LEAST useful for identifying them
17.unit cell that looks like a 'cereal box' (all sides different length, 90 degree angles
19.characteristic of minerals: has orderly structure
22.synonym for 'specific gravity', it is a mineral's mass per unit volume (m/V)
23.characteristic of minerals: not manmade, but ___
24.most important mineral group, contains the SiO4 structure (ex: quartz, feldspar)
25.tendency of a mineral to break along flat surfaces
26.the #1 element in Earth's crust by mass/weight
27.second largest mineral group, containing the CO3 structure (ex: calcite, azurite)
30.color of the powdered form of a mineral (when rubbed on unglazed porcelain)
31.unit cells that 'lean' are either mono- or tri-___

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