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Maria Inglefield

Comprehension and Vocabulary Questions for Chapters 4 and 7

Word Bank
shearwater, girl, calligraphy, amble, salvage, indecipherable, decrepit, rendition, metamorphosis, fronds, deluge, fatigue, tranquilo, streetsweeper, Miami, English, hair, restaurant, disease, five, home, charm, bomb, criminal, Mast, slept, crusoe, life, sugar, maid, marching, shells, hurricane, trombone, manual, angst, hyperbole, allusion, pie, plan, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Robinson, Winkle, sand, beautiful, style, everybody, drinks, instructions, occupation

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1.Brent is transforming for the better, possibly in a complete and enduring manner. He is experiencing a ________________.
7.Flaco drives a _________________.
8.The waitress in the Deep South calls Brent _______.
10.If you need help finding whirligig videos and ___________ and ideas, please see the blog post comments on 9/8/2014.
13.What word means fancy handwriting or penmanship?
14.Whirligigs are due on Thursday for extra credit and ________ for regular credit.
17.The author's _______ in the chapter about Flaco shows that he understands how to write like an English Language Learner. The sentences are short and direct.
18.I hope people bring food and ________. I will supply the plates and napkins and cups.
19.Apprentices learn a trade or ______________.
21.There are many parts to the whirligig Brent creates with his apprentices. It is a _________ band.
24.Flaco first got a job in a __________________.
27.What is the gender of the baby who dies?
28.The children warn Brent that he is in __________ country and should reconsider his placement of the whirligig.
31.Flaco moved with his family away from Puerto Rico. They settled in ________.
32.Brent creates a work space using cast-off panels and tree fronds and rubbish. He is showing survival skills like the castaway ____________ Crusoe.
35.Mrs. Inglefield is bringing Key Lime ____ for our Whirligig Food Festival on Friday. She wonders what everyone else might bring! They should probably post what they are bringing on the blog comments for yesterday - 9/15/2014. ;)
36.You should have a ______ for your whirligig so you don't have as many troubles as Brent did making his.
38.So far the whirligigs don't appear weakened or worn out by age. They are not ____________.
39.Flaco decides his family (and being part of a family) is worth something. He returns ________.
43.If you make a dish to share on Friday, please make enough to share with _________.
44.When an author refers to another (earlier) text in their work, that technique is called literary ________.
45.Brent actually liked reading the instructions for this project. He considered the book a _________ for living.
46.Rip Van Winkle is a short story about an idle but bewitched man who _______ for twenty years and missed a huge part of his life.
48.Some teens feel ______ when they are stressed out about the future and change and life realities.
49.Robinson Crusoe had a helper/apprentice/slave in the famous novel. That character is named __________.
50.How many babies was Constancia tending in the home?
51.Robinson _______ is the story of an adventuresome castaway who survives a shipwreck. It is one of the first novels ever written and published.
2.If you don't understand something it could be considered _____________.
3.What are lion paws?
4.Two Years Before the _______ is a memoir of a sea voyage.
5.Flaco says he likes things quiet, but he uses Spanish word for quiet, which is _________.
6.Today is Tuesday. In three days it will be ________.
9.No one in Flaco's family spoke _________.
11.The name of the restaurant that Brent comes to call home or see as an oasis is called The ______ Dollar.
12.The leaves on a plant are sometimes called __________.
13.Brent felt like an escaped ___________ on a wanted poster.
14.The Spelling/Vocabulary Quiz will take place on ________ of this week.
15.Constancia wanted to clean the house to get rid of the red dust from Africa because she thought it caused __________.
16.The appendix was compared to a time _______.
20.Constancia was extremely ____________.
22.Flaco's teacher lifted him out of his chair by his ______.
23.I am drafting this crossword at 3 o'clock in the morning, so I am feeling a bit of ____________.
25.What kind of bird is Flaco obsessed with?
26.There are four parts on the whirligig - ________, clarinet, trumpet and drum.
29.I think they should make a movie version on interpretation of this novel. I wonder who would play Brent in that format or ___________.
30.People who walk at a slow and easy pace like to ________.
33._________ is the best ever!
34.Brent felt like he was reading his own _____ when he read the book Emil left for him.
37.In order to ride in the car little Raul had to wear a _______ around his neck.
40.The rain came down in sheets or water, drenching all of us in a wild __________.
41.To save something from a fire or other danger is to _________ it.
42.Rip Van ________ is a short story that we should read before the year is out. It is a classic!
47.Brent tries a sort of social networking by writing a note to Trisha the ______.

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