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Declension of Latin Nouns

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1.When the noun is in this case, it often means "by" this noun.
4.The case for all the leftover uses not covered by the other four cases
6.There are ________ declensions in Latin.
8.the ending for first declension nouns in the genitive singular, dative singular, and nominative plural cases is ___
11.When the Latin preposition "in" has the meaning of "into," the object of the preposition is in the ____ case.
12.This case indicates POSSESSION
2.When the Latin preposition "in" has the meaning of "in, within, inside," its object is in the ___ case.
3.Most first declension nouns are this gender: __________
4.The direct object is usually in the ____ case
5.The case for the SUBJECT of a sentence
7.The symbol used to distinguish the pronunciations of 1st declension nominative sg and ablative sg
9.The ending for first declension dative and ablative plural is: ___
10.The case of an indirect object (to whom sth is given or for whom sth is done)

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