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Professional Communications Vocab


Vocabulary words for Professional Communications

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6.A movement of any part of the body that reinforces another message or acts as a substitute for speech.
8.The view you have of yourself.
12.Influences the emotional, attitudinal, and intellectual tone of the communication
14.The process of creating and exchanging meaning through symbolic interaction.
15.Creates meaning, sends and receives messages, and exchanges meaning
16.Stands for an idea or a feeling
18.Sighs, whines, or throat clearing.
21.Up to eighteen inches from your body, communication in this space is very personal
24.The situation in which communication occurs
25.This is the communication between two or more people in certain informal conversation
28.Articles of adornment you use to decorate yourself or your surroundings
30.Interferes with or disrupts communication
31.The set of life patterns passed down from one generation to the next in a group of people.
32.Communication that happens in the form of gestures, eye contact, tone of voice, attire, or posture
33.Nonverbal messages we send with our bodies
34.Highness or lowness of sound on a musical scale
1.The degree of clarity and distinctness in a person’s speech.
2.Communication that happens in the form of spoken or written words
3.A number of people with specific responsibilities who are united for some purpose.
4.We are not usually aware of the messages we send nonverbally.
5.A stated or implied expectation/a guideline of what’s appropriate for a given context.
7.From eighteen inches to four feet from the body, your own space to move freely
9.The emotions or feelings with which a word is associated
10.The act of clearly and distinctly uttering the consonant sounds of a word.
11.Nonverbal messages support the verbal message.
13.The mental process of assigning meaning and language to data
17.An end result or outcome that someone strives to attain.
19.A word’s objective description or meaning
20.A part played in a specific setting or situation.
22.An established level or requirement or excellence
23.Blocks communication
26.One person’s observable response to another’s message
27.Either a language that exists only in oral form, or a unique combination of speech sounds that identify speech with a particular group of people.
29.The ability to “read” any situation and respond appropriately, they “keep their cool”

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