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Norse Mythology

Mrs. Adams

1 2   3 4
6           7
9               10  
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            18   19    
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      24 25
  26 27   28        
34   35             36  

1.this is the fate of the past
5.Loki, Thor, Odin, etc. are this type of god.
6.these three women are the fates
9.this animal crawls up and down the trunk of the tree
11.home of the gods
15.these animals eat at the roots of the tree
16.trickster god
18.the god of fertility, the sunlight, the rain and peace
20.the name of Thor's hammer
21.Odin's eight legged horse
22.land of fire
23.land of the dead
28.goddess of love, marriage, and fertility
29.this is the name of the darkness between the lands of fire and ice
31.where fallen warriors go to to drink and be merry until Ragnarok
32.this day of the week is Thor's day
33.the King of the Gods
34.the tree of life
37.this is what is able to kill Balder
38.the god of war and the sky
2.Odin hung on a tree to unlock the secret of these
3.the name of the wolf that is the son of Loki
4.Thor's wife
7.Tyr is missing this limb
8.this is the fate of the present
10.the most beautiful and kind of the Aesir
11.land of the elves
12.land of the giants
13.this is the fate of the future
14.land of ice
17.this animal is the world serpent
19.this animal lives at the top of the world tree
24.humans live here
25.the goddess of love, lust, beauty, sorcery, fertility
26.the women who ride into battle at Ragnarok
27.these are the fertility gods
30.the final battle
34.the first living being was a frost giant named this
35.this animal drew Thor's chariot
36.what Odin gave up for knowledge

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