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landform terms

Mrs. VH

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1.part of land near the sea
4.steep rock face, especially by the edge of a sea or ocean
7.a sharp loop or curve in a stream
8.a large sea or ocean inlet larger than a bay, parallel to the coastline
10.ring shaped coral reef usually above a volcano
11.consists of an area of land usually like a smaller prairie
16.deep valley with steep and rocky sides and is often craved from a river
17.a high bank with a broad and sometimes rounded cliff face overlooking a plain or body of water
20.piece of land that is surrounded by water on 3 sides
24.part of the river where it flows into the sea
26.type of hill with flat top steep sides
28.long narrow sand bank by the mouth of a river
29.broad inlet of the sea where land curves inward
30.elevated boundary between area
31.where fresh water reaches the ocean water
32.slow moving mass or river of ice
34.fan shaped accumulation of sand, silt, gravel, and boulders
35.a pebbly or sandy shore especially by the ocean
37.mass of rocks and sediment carried downstream and deposited
38.piece of land surrounded by water
2.vast treeless arctic region
3.part of a body of water deep enough to anchor ships
4.man made waterway made for easy passage
5.a deep inlet of the sea between high cliffs
6.cascade of water falling from a height
9.area of shallow water separated from the sea by sandy dunes
12.a deep inlet of the ocean that is partly surrounded by land with a narrow mouth
13.a small type of bay or coastal inlet
14.body of sediment deposited at the mouth of a river where it enters an ocean
15.mound or ridge of sediment deposited by wind
18.area of low lying ground adjacent to a river, formed mainly by river sediment
19.vent in earth's crust through which lava flows
21.a chains of islands
22.depression in the ground left after glaciers pass
23.a river that flows into another river
25.a crescent shaped lake along side a winding river
27.vent in Earth's crust that ejects a column of hot water and steam
28.cliffs eroded by the sea
33.narrow strip of land with water on either side connecting two larger areas of land
36.elevated hill with a flat top and steep sides

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