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shatovia woody

drama vocabulary

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1.is the shaping of speech sounds into recognizable oral symbols that go together to make up a word
3.is the intensity of sound
5.the nose
6.is the spread between the lowest and the highest notes you can speak comfrotably
7.a dome-shaped muscle at the base of the lungs
10.is a partially enclosed area
14.that the vocal folds are held open so that air does not vibrate them
16.the mouth
19.are sounds that result from the gliding movement of the articulators
20.is the upward or downward glide of your pitch as you speak
22.make a frictionlike noise as they are spoken
23.is the average pitch at which you speak
2.the pitch at which you speak with the least strain and with the very best resonance
4.is a melody pattern that consists of only one tone
5.are sounds that are resonated in the nasal cavity
8.the bones, in the chest, neck, and head, the cavities of the throat, nose, mouth
9.form a small explosion when you say them
11.is an up-and-down inflection
12.the lowness or the highness of the sound you make
13.reinforment produced by vibration
14.that the vocal folds are vibrating when the sound is being made
15.are the muscle that make up the larynx
17.is the tone of your voice
18.refers to the variations in pitch that helps to give expressions to a person's voice
21.is the speed at when you talk

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