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8th Grade Function Vocabulary - Level 2

L. Reed

Chapter two vocabulary.

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2.Another name for trend line. Normally written as an equation of the line.
5.a graph relating two sets of data with no actual values. A sketch of a series of events.
8.The set of all input values (x) in a relation.
9.A trend where both sets of data increase together. Graph moves upward.
10.Functions written in the form f(x) =
12.A trend where one set of data increases in value as the other set decreases. Graph moves downward.
14.A variable whose value relies on the value of a second variable. It changes based on the other variable. Output.
16.A graph that relates two sets of data graphed as ordered pairs
23.A trend between two sets of data
24.A test used to determine if a graph is a function vs. relation.
25.A word used to describe data that is measured and can be used to make predictions
26.A U shaped graph.
27.A relationship between two sets of data
28.A function whose graph makes a parabola.
29.A line that can be drawn through a scatterplot to show the correlation
30.A variable that can take on any value. Does not rely on other variables for its value. Input.
1.A function whose graph makes a V shape up or down.
3.A model that can be used to understand and describe functions.
4.A member or item of a set.
6.A word used to describe data that is counted. Cannot necessarily make predictions between data points.
7.A function whose graph forms a straight line.
11.The pair of numbers (x, y) that give the location of a point on a coordinate plane.
13.A group of numbers, variables, objects that are written using braces {}.
15.The set of all output values (y) in a relation.
17.Two sets of data that are not dependent on each other.
18.A function whose graph does not form a straight line.
19.A word used to describe two sets of different data.
20.A special type of relation where each input value has exactly one specific output value. It follows a rule.
21.An equation that describes a function.
22.A set whose elements are all ordered pairs.

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