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Ethan Stoney

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4.A creepy purple dinosaur
5.A Nanny in New York
7.A girl who has everything in her backpack
8.Scary paranormal movie
10.The past in the past let it go let it go can't hold it back anymore here I stand in the light of day
13.Run through them maze
15.A not so normal, or should I saw modern family
16.A really fast snail
1.A not so scary, scary movie
2.Large tombstones and annoying monkeys
3.A son of a hobbit and his best friend fight a really big eye
6.A guy named bob trying to build stuff
8.A fat Amy or fat Patricia
9.The best lego stop motion ever
11.The beginning of the lord of the rings
12.Jedi Knights and stormtroopers
14.A boy version of dora

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