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Energy Vocabulary

LJ Dollins

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2.the energy of an object that is due to the object's motion.
4.the energy caused by an object's vibations.
5.a reaction that gives off a huge amount of energy.
6.the amount of work an object can do because of the object's kinetic and potential energy.
7.a change from one form of enrgy to another.
13.the energy of moving electrons.
14.energy produced by the vibrations of electrically charged particles.
15.the capacity to do work
1.the law that states that energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be changed from one form to another.
3.energy used to generate electrical energy.
8.the energy of compoud that changes as it's atoms are rearranged.
9.energy that comes from changes in the nucleus of an atom.
10.the energy that an object has becase of the position, shape, or condition of the object.
11.the kinetic energy of a substance's atoms.
12.a force that opposes motion between two surfaces that ar in contact.

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