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Chapter 9 Crossword

Bailey Barringer

  2       3            
  4   5
6                       7  

2.a party that challenges two major parties
6.an election in which voters need not declare their party preference to vote for the party's nominees
8.several adjoining precincts making up a larger election unit
9.a geographic area that contains a specific number of voters
10.a meeting of political party members to conduct party business
11.an election in which only the declared members of a party are allowed to vote for that party's nominees
14.organization of individuals with broad, common interests who organize to win elections, to operate the gov't, and to thereby influence gov't policy
15.a strong party organization that can control political appointments and deliver votes
1.a number more than 50% of the total
3.an election in which voters choose candidates to represent each party in a general election
4.a process by which candidates who are not affiliated with one of the two major parties can get on the ballot for general election in most states
5.representatives from the 50 states party organizations who run a political party
7.a system of gov't in which two parties compete for power
12.the most votes among all those running for a political office
13.a series of statements expressing the party's principles, beliefs, and positions on election issues
14.each individual part of a political party's platform

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