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Peel Group

1 2 3
4   5                  
7                     8 9        
10                   11                
13   14                          
15         16   17 18              
      22   23      
27                     28                      
29                       30              

5.Pissed old hack fumbles with bra - gets students' attention (10)
6.Music for an alternative spread? (5,7)
7.DJ is Shrek-like but useful (when head is cut off with broken saw) (4,7)
9.Spinning, I puke without drug and end up at potluck party (4)
10.Studio girl takes letter - leave before the end is a mess (5.4)
11.Broken Dog and Meathook are a noisy lot (8)
12.Film aspect group (8)
14.Castle has gin cocktail, tonic and mixed fruit for celebration (7, 2, 4)
18.Bodily function used retrospectively (3, 5)
21.Abstainers and glum dope perform vanishing act (10)
24.Confused vandal recanted daily on Countdown (6,8)
25.Unpunctuated, uncaring grunge LP (9)
27.Man of straw mingles with the Spanish and follows client (4,7)
28.Nothing at home for artists (5,2,4)
29.Durian is company for JP tapes (7,5)
30.The Cure's new version of "Tainted Love" (8)
31.How to get to position from pass? Eff off! (7)
1.Dizzy Laverne meets fifth child and bovine for start of spring (6,7)
2.Infant braves seasonal weather for air (4,3,4,7)
3.Stale tart, made from the sound of wind and half a whisky (4,6)
4.Comic award for theatre followed by Mark (4,7)
8.Crushed rune taken while under influence of group (10)
13.Empress of Peel Acres? (3, 3)
14.Feline mobile home to show? (4,7)
15.Bad show, compiled off season (9)
16.Comical at first, then fresh, but really heartless and mixed-up greeting (5,3,4)
17.I'm as vile with mango topping and juicy edges (5,6)
19.T-shirt and jumper worn by Peel for eight years (3,4)
20.Offspring seen when moggie chases birds on farm (3,11)
22.Old snapper reveals Celtic act (6,7)
23.Current standing of Dinosaur Act? (6, 3)
26.John's hissy fit went nuclear! (8)

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