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Literary Elements

Amanda Prehn

Train My Brain

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10.Used to show possession.
12.A direct address to something, someone, or abstraction who is usually absent.
13.A comparison using like or as.
15.When metaphors are extended into narrative form in which the actual story and its elements (Actions, Places, People, and Things) represent elements outside the story.
17.A balance of contrasting terms with parallel grammatical structure.
19.words that include all forms of a verbs but, are followed by an adjective.
23.Occurs when words, terms, or expressions appear to be self-contradicting.
25.Questions that are asked to emphasis the speakers point
27.A use of images that refer to mental pictures you get as an result from words.
30.A direct or indirect reference in literary work to some person, place, or thing.
32.Mental pictures, like apples and cinnamon.
33.presenting a nonhuman as a human
34.names of specific people, places, and things.
35.words that are replaced with inoffensive synonyms.
36.the name of a part represents the whole or the name of the whole represents the part.
1.Defined by word choice.
2.A statement that contradicts itself, yet is actually true.
3.a word that modifies verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs.
4.a type of image that calls to mind as a second meaning
5.Overstatement or exageration
6.A adjective, noun, or noun phrase describing a particular characteristic of a person or thing.
9.EX: Had and Been
10.a word that modifies a noun or pronoun
14.a closely associated name of an object that is used in place of a word.
16.Occurs when inanimate objects, animals, or abstract ideas are given human characteristics
18.A way of saying one thing and meaning another.
20.a use of language in which a connotative, rather than literal, meaning is conveyed.
21.A concept that involves opposites.
22.words for general class of people, places, things, and ideas.
24.Is an implied comparison
28.The violations of time and space in which an event or person is placed in the wrong time.
34.a word choice that is referred to as a play with words, two words have the same sound but different meanings.

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