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Greek Pantheon Crossword Contest

1 2 3
4 5 6                 7
8                     9
    10                 11 12            
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    16     17 18    
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30           31          
33           34                  
35     36       37
  40 41              
42         43      
45             46

6.love goddess and mother of Eros, a.k.a. Cupid
8.All-gifted one who came with a dubious dowry in the shape of a 3D rectangle
10.recipient of the infamous golden touch (2)
12.challenges Athena to a weaving contest
13.this bloodthirsty god is associated with the vulture, a scavenger bird
14.the color that symbolizes the god of war
15.Responsible for wounding the god of war in Troy
19.primary symbol of this sun god (2)
20.first children of Mother Earth/Gaea
22.three-headed guardian of the gate to the underworld
24.Titaness who hides her 6th child on the island of Crete to be raised by nymphs and a fairy goat
25.virgin goddess of the hearth; not often mentioned due to her absence from Mt. Olympus
26.Roman name of the god of wine
27.compound word derived from the unusual birth of Minerva
30.this god sees all… except when it comes to predicting an event that nearly destroys the earth… or when it gets dark
31.Roman name of the god of war
33.color of the messenger god
34.lame weapons- and throne-maker for the gods; husband of Aphrodite
35.representative color of the god of music, light, and truth
38.husband of the beautiful Juno; fond of all beautiful women, mortal or non-
41.Goddess of the changing seasons
42.bird associated with the goddess of wisdom
43.god of thunder whose weapon was an inexhaustible supply of thunderbolts
45.symbol of the god of the sea
47.the mortal who bestowed the title of “the fairest one” upon Aphrodite
1.Where there is lightening, there this (epithet for the god of storms) follows
2.made for the goddess of love and beauty by her husband which renders the wearer irresistible
3.queen of the underworld whose mother’s Roman name is Ceres
4.this god’s name means “the unseen one”
5.credited with the creation of the horse
7.gigantic, one-eyed, and “ugly” offspring of Uranus; thrown into Tartarus until freed by Zeus
9.pulls the wagon for the Queen of the Gods
11.Singer of enchanting songs so poignant that the god of the underworld gives his consent for the conditional release of Eurydice from his shadowy realm
16.Apollo’s twin sister, goddess of the hunt
17.Prominent Titan who casts in his lot with Zeus to usurp the throne of Cronus
18.Lofty dwelling-place of the gods of the Greek Pantheon
21.winged offspring of Medusa and the god of the sea
23.color of the goddess of the harvest/agriculture
28.Roman name for the god of the sun who drives a chariot across the sky
29.color of the goddess whose weapon of choice is the silver bow
30.one of this god’s duties is to guide souls to the underworld
32.Servant of King Eurystheus for twelve labors, one of which earns him an impenetrable cloak
36.crafted by Hermes to pacify an angry god of music and poetry upon the disappearance of his cows
37.father of the Olympians
39.Medusa-slayer and son of Danae
40.Roman god who rarely leaves his shadowy realm and is loath to allow his subjects to leave
44.goddess of wisdom, war, and craftsmanship
46.“Mirror, mirror on the wall…” says this Roman goddess

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