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Art and Music in the Classical Period

Mrs. Schatz's General Music Class

This is a Quiz!! Please, take your time and do your best at answering each question.

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2.Mozart died a ________ of a mysterious illness in 1791.
5.Comic opera.... (2 Words)
7.Beethoven was an active composer and __________.
8.Mozart wanted to be a ________ musician, but was never fully aboe to free himself of the patronage system.
9.When Beethoven was in his late 20s, he began to go ______.
10.A war between traditional French court opera and the Italian comic opera (4 Words)
11.One of the most important French painter in the early 18th century.
12.The three main composers of the Classical period were Mozart, Beethoven, and _______.
14.Watteau went to Paris where he studied for five years with the artist ________. (2 Words)
15.__________ music was designed to appeal to a wide-ranging audience.
17.This composer wrote a short comic opera called "Le Devin du Village."
18.Beethoven's family situation was most _________.
19._______ was impressed by Beethoven and remarked, "Keep an eye on him--he will make a noise in the world someday."
20.Watteau had been credited with being the first to use the technique of ________.
21.Beethoven's abilities as a _______ earned him great respect and notoriety among the aristocracy.
22.The term "Classical" during this time period was taken from __________. (2 Words)
1.__________ was the first successful major composer to complerely break away from the service of an aristocratic family.
3.Opera continued to develop and gain a wider audience in the ______________. (2 Words)
4.A comic opera by Giovanni Battista. (3 Words)
6.Watteau's paintings expressed the them of _____ as the primary experience of human nature.
8.Scenes of noblemen and noblewomen enjoying simple outdoor pleasures. (2 Words)
13.By the age of 11, Mozart had already gain a reputation as a __________. (2 Words)
16.Mozart excelled in operatic and _________ compositions.

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