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--== Christmas Songs ==--

Ivan Jackman

1 2   3  
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6                     7        
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    20 21          

2.what kind of christmas for Wham! in 1984 (4)
6.john covered this song in 1987 and saw "mommy kissing santa clause" (10)
7.jingle bell rock for this idol (5)
8.here comes santa claus by the King himself (5-7)
10.glam rock "merry xmas everybody" in 1973 (5)
12.do they know its christmas, Bob Geldofs stars (4-3)
13."carol of the bells" from this child (8)
15.happy xmas (war is over) (4-6)
16.The Carpenters said "merry christmas" who (7)
21.rap classic "christmas in hollis" for (3-1-1-1)
22."home for the holidays" with this family (7)
23.little saint nick from these boys (5)
1.wonderful christmastime for Sir Paul (9)
3.all he wanted for christmas was his two front teeth (5-5)
4.chuck said "run rudolph run!" in the 50's (5)
5.santa claus is coming to town for Bruce (11)
6.Johnny who sang "when a child is born" in 1976 (6)
9.have yourself a merry little christmas Judy (7)
11.rockin around the christmas tree with Brenda (3)
13.o holy night for Celine (4)
14.1953 hit from Eartha Kitt (5-4)
17.was a fairy tale here for Kirsty and The Pogues (3-4)
18.its beginning to look a lot like christmas for perry (4)
19.was a "white christmas" for bing (6)
20.disco group that covered "marys boy child" in 1978 (5-1)

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