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Art and Music from the Romantic Period through the 20th Century

Mrs. Schatz's General Music Class

This is a quiz!! Fill in the crossword puzzle with the correct word or words to go with each numbered question. There will be no blank box between the words of answers containing two or more words.

1               2 3 4
      5 6
7           8                          
9   10              
  11     12                    
15                             16
        20   21  
          24 25     26            
32                           33            

1.Almost an entirely self-taught musician
7.________ was a precocious child who began showing an early interest in literature.
8.The primary Impressionist composer was ____________. (2 Words)
9.Musical form Wagner dealt with....
12.A style of composition using a non-traditional harmonic structure, combined with sharp and intense rhythmic patterns.
13.His compositions had a tremendous influence on all of the major styles and trends in American music in the 20th century.
15.One of Wagner's very important books... (3 Words)
17.Monet developed the techniques of rendering _________ in his paintings. (2 Words)
18.An ideal of Expressionist composers
22.A composition and ballet by Igor Stravinsky (4 Words)
25.One of Schonberg's young theory students (2 Words)
28.One of the main elements of Romanticism.... (3 Words)
29.Claude Monet was born in 1840 in _______.
30.Impressionists originally called themselves __________.
31._______ is also known as 12-tone composition.
32.Composers seek to reinstate the forms and techniques of the Classical composers
33.One of many styles of music heard in 20th century music
34.Schumann suffered deep depressions and _________.
35.Clara continued to do this for Schumann's works after his death.
2.One of the themes of the Romantic era.... (2 Words)
3.Georges Bizet's opera, "Carmen," is a classic example of ______.
4.Wagner's Four music dramas that were all part of what was called ____________. (5 Words)
5.The use of geometric shapes in painting
6.A piece of music for solo voice with piano accompaniment... (2 Words)
10.In ____________, the composer seeks through his work to expose the inner personal feelings that he has.
11.What Schumann wanted to become... (2 Words)
14.Personal as well as ___________ were prevalent in Romantic art and music. (2 Words)
16.Depicting things in art and music as they really were...
19.When an extra-musical text or story was provided as part of an introduction to a musical work, this was known as _________. (2 Words)
20.Schumann's contribution to the literary world (4 Words)
21.The attempt to portray aspects of modern mechanized society through images of violently energetic motion.
23._______ was a leader in the French Impressionist school of painting.
24.The Realist movement in art is best represented in the works of ____________. (2 Words)
26.Complete abandonment of tonal structure
27.A blurred, vague presentation of a subject, without distinct lines to illustrate the form.

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