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Join and Wedging

C. Blitz

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4.Most popular surface for wedging clay but can be dusty
7.Clay is kneaded to force out pockets of this.
9.Clay at this stage can nat be joined.
10.Bits of fired clay added to a claybody
11.How one dries complex pieces.
14.The tool used to rough up the clay before adding slip
16.Slices of hard and soft clays are ___________________ before kneading
18.The process of roughing up the clay to break up the particle alignment
19.When making slip one must wait until all the clay chunks are _____________ before puring off the water
23.A small coil used on the inside of a joint.
25.40-50 of these achieves consistency in the clay mass
28.A thick, water and clay mixture used for attaching pieces together.
29.Sharp pointed tool used in ceramics
31.A large clay mass requires what to wedge it?
32.Adding attachments improperly at different stages can cause this.
1.Attaching two pieces together
2.This kneading method/effect is created by pressing, rocking and twisting
3.Beginners put more of this in the clay mass than they wedge out
4.Adding fired and crushed particles of clay to the claybody help it stand up, prevents sagging and keeps thick walls from what?
5.Clay is kneaded to ___________ the course particles.
6.A little bit of this is lost in the wedging process.
8.Surface for wedging that is smooth but not absorbent and clay can stick to it
12.The stage in which attachments are added to the vessel
13.Synonym for kneading
14.Clay dries more evenly in a ______________ kiln room.
15.Clay is kneaded to create a ________________ consistancy.
17.Surface for wedging that is very absorbent but can cause "lime pops"
20.Two different claybodies that are used together must have the same ______________ in the drying and firing.
21.A strong joint is made by applying firm _______________.
22.Dull knife used in ceramics
24.It's suggested to wrap thinner attachments in this to slow the drying rate.
26.This should squeeze out of a joint if correctly joined.
27.What part of the hand is used in compressing the clay in wedging
30.One must rough up the clay several times if it is on the ________ side of leatherhard.

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