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Aeneid Books 1 to 6 Crossword

SWPS Classics

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1.Bk6-Famous Roman 'Son-in-law'
4.Bk6-Where the Titans are imprisoned
7.Bk1-What do we expect from Juno?
9.Bk6-What Romans must do to the proud (2 Words)
11.Bk6-The Underworld Ferryman
12.Bk2-Priest eaten by serpents
13.Bk6-Aeneas' Priestess guide in the Underworld
14.Bk1-How is Venus dressed when she meets Aeneas (2 Words)
19.Bk6-Aeneas is to expect "a Second... "
20.Bk1-What do arms and the man refer to? (2 Words)
22.Bk1-Who does Cupid disguise himself as to "poison" Dido?
25.Bk1-Which city does Juno love?
26.Bk6-Aeneas has to find this before he can go into the Underworld (2 Words)
28.Bk4 -What does Dido tell her sister she is going to burn?
29.Bk6-Maker of the Priestess' temple doors
31.Bk6-Aeneas' father
32.Bk6-Son of Priam terribly mutilated
33.Bk2-Appears to Aeneas in a vision to warn him of Troy's danger
37.Bk4 -Dido realises Aeneas is leaving, "For who can decieve a ..."?
39.Bk1-Young man depicted being pulled by his hair on Dido's temple
41.Bk4 -Who's idea is the "wedding"
42.Bk4 -Which monster spreads the news of Dido's affair?
43.Bk2-Tricky Greek who persuades the Trojans to take in the Horse
44.Bk4 -African king who complains to Jupiter about Dido and Aeneas
46.Bk6-River of forgetfulness
1.Bk6-White stone to which silent Dido is compared (2 Words)
2.Bk1-To whom is Dido compared, when Aeneas first sees her?
3.Bk1-Where Dido came from
5.Bk6-Augustus' favourite nephew
6.Bk4 -Dido suffering from "Love's deadly ..."?
8.Bk2-"Beware of Greeks bearing..."
10.Bk6-City where the guilty are horribly punished
13.Bk1-Dido's late husband
15.Bk1-Who prophesies the Greatness of Rome, and Augustus?
16.Bk2-Murderer of Priam
17.Bk1-Dido's crazy brother
18.Bk2-Priam's son, killed in front of him
21.Bk6-What Romans must do to the conquered
23.Bk1-Who does Juno ask to raise a storm?
24.Bk6-Famous Roman 'Father-in-law'
27.Bk6-Aeneas helmsman lying unburied on a beach
30.Bk4 -Which God is sent down to tell Aeneas to leave?
33.Bk2-Venus stops Aeneas from killing her
34.Bk2-Aeneas' wife
35.Bk1-What is Aeneas famous for?
36.Bk4 -Dido's sister
38.Bk6-Aeneas' first landing point in Italy
40.Bk6-The age of Augustus will be ...(colour)
43.Bk6-River to cross into the Underworld
45.Bk1-Who pleads with Jupiter on Aeneas’ behalf?

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